I’m are pleased to invite you to join us at the 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference, taking place May 14-16 at MSOE’s Kern Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Featured Technical Sessions:

Slip-in Logic Cartridges in 3D for Plant and Mobile
The slip-in cartridge has gained in popularity for its simplicity and for its ease of integration into custom machined valve manifolds. While initially more popular in the plant for presses with high hydraulic flow rates, they also show up on mobile machines such as excavator swing and boom lift circuits and for hydraulic motor-operated fan circuits.Carl will share experiences from CD Industrial Group’s work with clients who need to understand, maintain and troubleshoot these systems. Carl will also show the new 3D training materials they have developed for their eLearning website LunchBoxSessions.com

Hydraulic System Maintenance + Troubleshooting
Join hydraulics trainer Carl Dyke of CD Industrial Group Inc. (cdiginc.com) in an open discussion on the investigative and scientific skills needed today to maintain and troubleshoot a hydraulic system. Carl will share the Ten Step Troubleshooting Process that his company has been developing and teaching to industry for twenty years.

Learn to:
Maintain hydraulic systems to minimize downtime and extend service life.
Think and act in a logical way when the system goes down.
Follow correct system, valve and pump setup procedures.

The lessons on Carl’s eLearning websiteLunchBoxSessions.com also pursue the same goal of eliminating the hit-and-miss methods of maintenance and troubleshooting that can be so costly in terms of time and materials.

Hydrostatic Drive Troubleshooting Bootcamp!
Does your hydrostatic drive function erratically or make unusual noises? Are there more than handful of hoses and adjustments at the main pump that you’d like to know more about? Carl Dyke will share his experiences in this seminar to help anyone who maintains, repairs, or manages a fleet of hydrostatic drive machines.

Learn to:
Explain hydrostatic circuit principles
Analyze hydrostatic circuit schematics
Review common adjustments on hydrostatic pump, such as compensators, cross-port reliefs, charge pressure
Analyze common pilot/stroke control functions.

Hydrostatic drives are characterized by their ability to control a hydraulic motor with infinitely adjustable speeds in both forward and reverse. They can be found on machines such as skid-steer loaders right up to full size crawler/dozers. Hydrostatic drives are also used for oilfield service rigs, ship loading terminals, and in stationary plants for the manufacturing of food and paper. All hydrostatic drives share common problems such as contamination and temperature control, pre-charging, and over-pressure protection. All drives require correct maintenance for long life and decisive action at the first sign of trouble. System analysis and troubleshooting skills are taught using the circuits and animated schematics from a variety of machines.


Presented by:
Carl Dyke
CD Industrial Group

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We hope to see you in Milwaukee!