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On behalf of Balluff, we are pleased to invite you to join us at the 2017 Fluid Power Technology Conference, taking place May 16-17 at MSOE’s Kern Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Featured Technical Session:
Improving the reliability of hydraulic cylinder position sensors

Magnetostrictive linear position sensors are the dominant technology for hydraulic cylinder position feedback. They are preferred over alternatives due to their high accuracy, wide variety of electrical interfaces, signal stability across temperature variation, wear-free operation, and tolerance of shock and vibration. This makes them popular in a wide range of industrial hydraulic applications for smart cylinders and servo-hydraulic systems.

Despite the inherent ruggedness of the sensors, highly demanding industrial applications exist that push and sometimes exceed the limits of survivability for standard product offerings. Compromised life expectancy can result in premature sensor failure and/or preventive maintenance intervals that are shorter than desired.

Best practices for installation and mounting can help alleviate exposure to the most damaging effects of harsh application environments.  At the upcoming conference, I will discuss common industrial application challenges and propose potential solutions that can enhance sensor reliability and extend life expectancy.

Chris Heberlein
Product Sales Manager, Measurement Solutions
Balluff, Inc. 

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We hope to see you in Milwaukee!